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There’s more to Kim Kardashian than her famous, Internet-breaking ass . She also has some amazing boobs! So amazing that YouTube comedian Setareh Khatibi , aka  Sitara ,   created a hilarious how-to video in which she provides some easy steps to get Kim K’s awe-inducing cleavage. And, no, none of the steps involve plastic surgery ; 'This is like boob jobs for poor people,” Sitara says in the video. “I just want to give back.”

Nike Zoom Fit Agility Flyknit Christmas Deals, Throughout the four-minute presentation, she covers everything from “posture” to “contouring” to “padding,” all the while doing a spot-on impersonation of Kim. Ditzy voice? Check. Selfie breaks? Check. Self-aggrandizement? Check. Check.

This is clearly all in good fun, and is intended for comedic purposes. However, seeing as how so many people are desperate to look like Mrs. West , we’re sure some people will find it helpful.

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