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Nike Football Shoes Considering that Moksha isn't here to bust out 600 fucking words on Whiz Limited like he did last time , I figured I would take up the torch and bring you the news of Whiz Limited's S/S 15 collection. It's good to see a S/S collection that doesn't expect people to wear real, actual coats. This right here is very definition of lightweight and unencumbered. It's a bunch of fits that you would probably put together with the knowledge that it's going to be around 90 degrees later in the day even though it's 65 when you get dressed. You pick some shit out that has a day's worth of longevity in mind with just a heavy enough top in case the wind is out to get you because, make no mistake, wind is the fucking devil. I particularly appreciate the jacket with the cinch waist and the baseball shirt that has the word Whiz only on one side of the chest rather than emblazoned across the entire front because the idea that something might be wrong with your clothing, when there's actually nothing wrong, is among the biggest flexes. Spit a quick Oh this? Yeah, it's supposed to be like that and watch a hater's brain melt out their asshole.

Nike TN Christmas Deals,