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Nike Air Foamposite I’m down for a good pair of shorts because my body does this annoying thing during the summer called regulating its core temperature by creating sweat, which evaporates and thereby cools it down. Sweating is, like, the least luxe thing your body can do. I’m not trying to sweat while enjoying this Caprese sandwich I made myself from expensive buffalo mozzarella and an organic baguette out in the park that hipster families have ruined by making it safe and accessible. THE WHOLE POINT OF THE WEEDS AND UNKEMPTNESS WAS SO I COULD EAT AND SMOKE WEED IN SOLITUDE. NOW I GOT NARC DADS TRYING TO GIVE ME A NOD LIKE, “AY I USED TO SMOKE BLUNTS AND NOSH ON CAPRESE SAMMIES IN THE PARK TOO.” Anyways, these Garbstore shorts are made from ripstop cotton and will keep you slightly less sweaty while exploring your city’s park system looking to find a quiet place for reflection.

Nike Free Christmas Deals,