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Smarter people than you or are are gathered for Google I/O where today Google unveiled a project that it has been working on with Levi's that is going to turn any basic textile fabric you wear into a touchscreen. The future is now, motherfuckers, so you better be ready for it. Basically, Google and its team of genius visionaries came up with a fabric technology that can be woven into the standard textile manufacturing process, turning your clothes into a touchscreen interface and you won't even notice. It's called Project Jacquard and it's fucking lit.

Nike Blazer High Christmas Deals, 2015 Air Jordan 14 Low Apparently, this wasn't all that difficult as the basis of touchscreens operate on the same assembly principles of clothing construction. This shit is literally a small grid thread woven into an already constructed shirt that you roll your fingers over and can use to operate your device. It's even pressure sensitive, so it knows just how hard you're tapping something and can even recognize when you're hovering over it. Imagine scrolling your hand down your arm to raise or lower the volume of your music so you don't have to reach into your pocket or getting off a fire tweet without actually using your phone. Obviously, this shit is completely fucking bananas and probably the best such innovation in the typically horrendous realm of wearable tech. Hold on because you're about to become a lamer, but more stylish version of RoboCop. Minus all of the guns, of course.