Nike Air Jordan Christmas Deals

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Nike Roshe Run You guys remember when everyone was buying Gitman Vintage shirts? I miss those days. I don’t miss the innocence of a bygone era, I really just miss the prices of 2009. Nowadays the cheapest things we buy are, like, Jordans. Think about that. A pair of Jordans fits squarely in our collective “not too bad” pricepoint. Instead of $165 shirts like this one , everyone is buying $165 t-shirts and $365 shirts. I don’t even want to mention how much some people are paying for sweatshirts and jackets. HOW DO YOU ASSHOLES AFFORD THIS CRAP? Whatever you do, don’t say you, “Shop out of season and buy used.” That’s what everyone says when they actually mean, “Don’t buy your loved ones anything and pray that your landlord doesn’t actually care about receiving payment in exchange for allowing you to live in his building.

Nike Air Jordan Christmas Deals,