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Nike Air Foamposite , buy best nike online store discount sale, 2014 new style nike outlets,shop now for great prices !  is a  a fever-dream combination of  WikiHow  and the vision of artist and author  Emily Spivack . It' s a weird mix of earnest, genuine fashion advice—with many entries that feel like they're written from the perspective of a teenager. Who else needs to worry about things like How to Dress in All Black Without Worrying Your Parents ?

Nike Air Foamposite Christmas Deals, While the site surfaced within the past few days, it's really just a collection of every preexisting, clothing-related WikiHow post. If you're unfamiliar with WikiHow, it's an archive of posts giving advice on how to accomplish simple tasks, like how to setup your iPad , or how to do a proper sit up.

That said, it isn't the most reliable source if you're figuring out How to Dress Like Drake . In the case of, one trip through the archives, and it's glaringly obvious that the posts are filled with style tips that are are as innocent and awkward as a teenager's internet diary.

Nike Air Foamposite Christmas Deals Even Spivack herself is confused by some of the entries:

They all just feel off-kilter, Spivack told  i-D . I get the sense, from the pop culture references, that they're written by tweens.

Nike Flex Series While the site is charming in it's own way,  this is not the place to sort out your wardrobe dilemmas. We'd recommend you take any advice with a massive grain of salt.